criminal conviction home insurance

Home Insurance With Criminal Convictions

Having unspent criminal convictions can make it difficult to find home insurance. If you do find an insurer that will cover you it’s likely that they will charge you much more than somebody without convictions.

Home insurance companies often take a cautious approach when it comes to offering cover to somebody with unspent criminal convictions and some may even outright refuse to deal with you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been convicted of a minor offence, it could still seriously hamper your chances of finding cover – especially at an affordable rate.

When you apply for a home insurance policy you are legally obliged to disclose “all material facts”. Unspent criminal convictions are considered a material fact and you have to inform insurance companies about them – even if they don’t specifically ask you about them.

If you don’t tell potential home insurance providers about your convictions there’s a chance that your policy could be cancelled. This means that you’ll be left out of pocket for any premiums you have paid and your home and belongings will no longer be covered.

Criminal Conviction Home Insurance

Quote Chief are here to help you when the mainstream insurance companies have let you down. We can help you to keep the cost of home insurance with convictions down.

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The brokers we work with will get to work finding your criminal conviction home insurance quotes and contact you with their best priced policy. The beauty is that they do the hard work for you and then you can decide which quote best suits your requirements and budget.