Subsidence Home Insurance

Subsidence is one thing that most homeowners dread to think about. For most people your home is the most expensive thing that you will ever own and something that takes years of hard work and saving to pay for. It’s natural to worry if cracks begin to appear in your property.

When you’re searching for home insurance you will be asked if your property has ever been affected by subsidence, heave, landslip or tree root damage. If your property has been affected by any of these issues you must declare this to avoid your home insurance policy being voided if you ever need to make a claim.

Unfortunately if you do tell insurance providers that your property has been impacted by subsidence, you will be limited by the number of companies that will offer cover. Insurance for houses with subsidence will also be more expensive.

Even if your property hasn’t been affected by subsidence, the price of your home insurance may be affected if other properties in your local area have been.

Home Insurance With Subsidence

If you’re struggling to find subsidence home insurance, either because your property has been affected in the past or is an area deemed at risk, we can help.

There are insurance brokers that specialise in arranging cover for high risk properties such as those affected by subsidence. Here at Quote Chief we have partnered with some of the leading subsidence insurance specialists in the country.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out our subsidence home insurance quote form and we will have our broker network get to work to find an affordable policy for you. You can then choose the most suitable policy for you depending on your budget and the level of cover you require.