Underpinned House Insurance

If your home has been underpinned to either prevent subsidence or correct previously caused damage, you’ll probably already be aware that finding insurance for an underpinned house can be tough. If you do manage to find an insurance provider that will cover your home, it’s likely that you’ll be expected to pay much more for your policy.

Underpinning your property is a sensible way to prevent damage to your home if you’re living in an area that is at risk of subsidence. If carried out be an experienced professional, underpinning can be very successful in preventing any movement and damage of your building.

After going through the stress of dealing with subsidence and the amount of work and disruption involved with underpinning your home, the last thing you want to do is spend hours searching for home insurance only to find out that the mainstream insurance companies have turned their back on you.

Insurance For Underpinned Homes

Speaking to an experienced specialist is the key to finding affordable insurance if your home has been underpinned. Here at Quote Chief we have several insurance brokers in our network that have access to specialist schemes which allow them to offer insurance for underpinned properties.

You only need to fill out one quick and simple form and we will automatically have our entire network of top brokers looking for the best deal for you. If you’re looking for underpinned home insurance, we’re certain that you’ll find a good deal through Quote Chief.