Impounded Car Insurance

If your car has been impounded by the police, you may struggle to find affordable car insurance that will cover you to release it. Whether your car has been impounded because it was being driven without valid car insurance, the driver didn’t have the correct license or for any other reason, finding a mainstream provider for impounded car insurance can be very hard. Insurance for impounded cars is not readily available with regular insurance providers and vehicle owners often struggle to find cover, especially in the short time frame that they have to release their car.

Insurance For Impounded Cars

If your car has been impounded you will be aware that it can be a very stressful and costly ordeal. The financial strain alone that comes with having your car seized can have a major impact on your life. With expensive fees to pay at the compound and the possibility that your license may be endorsed with a conviction or penalty points, extortionate and unfair insurance premiums are something you could really live without. Most insurance companies will either turn their back on you or hike their prices when they find out that you have had your car impounded, as you’ll be considered a “high risk” applicant. This is where Quote Chief could really help.

We can’t change the fact that your vehicle has been seized, but we could help to cut the cost of getting it out of the compound and back on the road. When you complete our impounded car insurance quote form, we instantly send your details out to our network of specialist insurance brokers. Once the brokers have your details they will use their market experience to find the best priced cover available before contacting you with their quote. The way we work means that our brokers will be competing against each other to offer the best price and the best level of service, meaning that you as the customer will get the best of both.

What Does Impounded Car Insurance Cover?

The brokers we work with have hundreds of years of combined experience within the high risk car insurance market. Because we partner with highly experienced and trusted brokers who have excellent relationships with insurance underwriters, we can help you to find different types of impounded car insurance policy. Here are just some of the features of the policies that our brokers offer:

  • short term or 30 day impounded car insurance: a policy that lasts long enough to release your seized car and covers you for one full month.
  • annual impounded car insurance policy: a policy that covers you to release your car and covers you for 12 months
  • impounded car insurance for new drivers
  • insurance for an impounded car if you have pending or past convictions

To get a quote for a seized car insurance policy and try to release your vehicle today, enter your details in the quote form on the right of this page. Alternatively you could ring 0800 009 6828.