Car Finance for Chauffeurs

Car Finance for Chauffeurs

As a chauffeur you know how much first impressions matter; your vehicle and the image that it portrays are of the upmost importance. Providing a modern, comfortable and luxurious ride to your clientele is integral for any successful chauffeur business. Keeping your standards high and maintaining your high-end image is essential for retaining your current clients and attracting new.

Most people in the chauffeur industry aren’t likely to be cash rich enough to purchase a vehicle outright, especially considering the need for high end and prestige motors. Even if you are fortunate enough to be in a position to make a cash purchase, would that be the best business decision for you?

Buying A Chauffeur Car on Finance

The car finance market is sometimes tricky to navigate and buying a car on credit isn’t always straightforward. Lenders are in basically able to pick and choose who they will lend to based on their own strict lending criteria; if you don’t match the profile they’re looking for you won’t be accepted.

Things can become more difficult when it comes to funding high end or luxury vehicles, which will obviously come with a higher price tag. Lenders can be understandly more cautious about paying out when larger sums of money are involved.

To make matters even more complicated, a lot of finance providers simply don’t like to fund vehicles that are going to be used for business – especially ‘hire and reward’ style jobs such as chauffeuring. This is mainly due to the excessive wear and tear that can be placed on vehicles bought for business use, as well as the fact that they are more likely to be damaged or involved in an accident due to the amount of time the car will be in use.

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Chauffeur Vehicle on Finance

Thankfully there are car finance providers out there that specialise in lending to business users, such as chauffeurs, taxi drivers and couriers; so it is possible to buy a chauffeur vehicle on finance.

Quote Chief have carefully selected a small number of specialist finance providers to work with, ensuring that they have a good understanding of the chauffeur industry and that they are able to offer affordable lending solutions for prestige and luxury vehicle models.

We often hear stories from our customers about how they have been shopping around for cars but have been unable to finalise the purchase because the dealership couldn’t offer a finance package for chauffeurs.

Let us help you buy the car that will elevate your chauffeur business to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already found the vehicle you want, or if you’d simply like to apply now so you can shop around knowing you already have finance in place.