DR10 insurance

DR10 Insurance

If you have a DR10 conviction because you have committed a drink driving offence, you will probably struggle to find affordable car insurance. In the eyes of mainstream insurance providers, once you have been prosecuted for a serious offence such as DR10 drink driving, you will be forever perceived as a “high risk” driver; somebody that is far more likely to claim against their policy in the future or be involved in an accident with other road users.

Receiving a DR10 drink driving conviction can have a serious impact on your life. The consequences of being caught driving whilst over the alcohol limit can be far reaching and extremely damaging. Being banned from driving can cause serious and lasting problems with your employer, family and friends as well as putting a significant strain on your financial situation. We believe that once you have been punished through the judicial system you shouldn’t be unfairly targeted by insurance providers who may massively hike their prices or even turn their back on you and refuse to offer cover at all.

Can I Get Insurance With A DR10 Conviction?

Although mainstream insurance companies will automatically categorise somebody that needs DR10 insurance as an unsafe or high risk driver, statistics show that only 12% of people caught drink driving will re-offend within 10 years. We definintely do not condone the act of driving after drinking alcohol but we feel that once you’ve paid the price and accepted the punishment for your offence you should be able to move on. Quote Chief can help you to find affordable insurance with a DR10 conviction.

It is always important to compare car insurance quotes but never more so than when your driving history is flawed. Once we have received your details through our DR10 insurance quote form, we’ll send your details off to our specially selected panel of brokers who will use their expertise to find the cheapest and most suitable policy for you. It’s in the interest of our brokers to offer their best priced policy, as you will be able to compare quotes from all of our partners and chose the one that is the cheapest and best suits your cover requirements.

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