impounded van insurance

Impounded Van Insurance

If you’re pulled over by the police and they discover that you don’t have any insurance or that you’re not properly covered, they can seize your van immediately on the spot and have it impounded. It’s highly likely that you will be left at the roadside to arrange alternative means of transportation. You may even have to leave your tools and equipment in the van if you’re unable to have them collected by a friend or family member.

When your van is impounded not only does it make getting around difficult, it can really have an impact on your ability to earn a living. With your tools and assets potentially locked in your van and the daily compound fees adding up, Quote Chief understand how important it is to act swiftly to release a seized van.

Insurance For Impounded Vans

Unfortunately most mainstream insurers simply won’t offer cover for seized vehicles and this can make arranging an impounded van insurance policy both costly and time consuming. Once a driver’s van has been impounded they will be seen as a higher risk road user by insurance companies, as vehicles are generally only seized for serious motoring offences.

We have included a number of specialists in our panel of insurance brokers that have in-depth knowledge of the steps required to release an impounded van. Each broker we partner with has access to excellent impounded van insurance schemes and a reputation for arranging insurance for impounded vans in a speedy manner at rates that won’t break the bank.

Getting your impounded van insurance quotes is quick, simple and completely hassle free. So act now – avoid further costs and release your impounded van today with Quote Chief’s help.