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Taxi driver insurance

Insurance for taxi drivers & private hire insurance

Specialist insurance for private hire taxi drivers 

All taxis covered, from uber to public hire, black cabs, minibuses & private hire 

Competitive prices 

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Specialist insurance policies for taxi drivers

Insurance for taxi drivers costs more than normal car insurance so why not let Quote Chief help you to keep the cost as low as possible?

As a taxi driver you’ll know that there are plenty of obstacles to overcome so that you can begin to earn a healthy living. If you’re working long hours and investing your hard earned cash into your taxi operation, the last thing you want to do is spend countless hours filling in form after form and trawling through overpriced taxi insurance quotes.

Because there are so many variables that affect the cost of taxi driver insurance, it’s important to speak to a specialist that has the knowledge and experience to arrange suitable cover for your individual needs.

When you take out a taxi driver insurance policy, you’re not just covering your vehicle – you’re insuring your source of income – so it’s vital to ensure that you’re protected against all eventualities.

Insurance for taxi drivers


There are several reasons why insurance for taxi drivers costs more than standard car insurance. The number of miles that taxi drivers travel annually – often in heavy traffic – and the fact that paying passengers are being transported are some of the main justifications for higher prices. Certain geographical licensing areas are also more expensive than others because of how statistically safe the roads are and how often taxi driver insurance claims are made locally.

Whether you need private hire insurance, public hire insurance, uber driver insurance or taxi gap insurance, we have brokers in our network that can help you to find a suitable policy at the lowest rates.

It only takes a few minutes to complete our simple taxi insurance quote form and we’ll instantly send your details to some of the most experienced, FCA regulated taxi driver insurance specialists in the country.

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