What insurance do I need to get my car out of impound?

If your car has been impounded by the police, you’re going to be in a hurry to get it back as soon as possible. It’s already costing you a fortune in penalties and impound fees, plus you rely on your car for getting from A to B and will be stuck without it. It’s important […]

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Is leaving your car running to defrost your windscreen illegal?

Everyone knows that leaving your car running on the drive in the morning is risky, but we’re all guilty of doing it. Who really wants to sit in a frozen car before you’ve even had your first brew of the day?

At this time of the year we always see warnings on social media about leaving […]

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Could your car insurance be invalidated? How working certain hours could cause you an insurance headache

Before you sign up for a new car insurance policy, it’s vital that you thoroughly read the policy conditions issued by the insurer.

These conditions can vary between insurance providers, so your new policy may not cover everything that your old one did.

Let’s be honest, most people simply don’t bother to read the small print. And […]

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What is an IN10 conviction and how does it affect your insurance?

If you’re convicted of a motoring offence, it’s likely that on top of any financial penalties you may face, your driving record will also be endorsed.
Depending on the severity of the offence committed, endorsements will remain on your driving license for between 4 and 11 years.
TIP: You can now view your driving record online to […]

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6 Things You Need To Get Your Impounded Car Back [ Infographic ]

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Quote Chief partner with Creditplus to provide car finance to growing customer base


Quote Chief, founded in 2013, provides specialist insurance for motor, home and life
Creditplus has 15 years’ experience financing and sourcing vehicles across the country
Customers of Quote Chief will now be able to browse finance options through Creditplus

As the sole car finance broker on Quote […]

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Top Ten things you can do reduce your energy bills

It’s no secret that fuelling our homes is expensive. Energy bills are the largest outgoing outside of rent or mortgage payments for most households. Following these easy steps you could reduce your monthly utility bills and put the savings to better use.

1. Turn off your electrical appliances when you aren’t using them
Leaving appliances on when […]

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Car insurance shock! Are you at risk of invalidating your policy?

Millions of motorists across Britain are at risk of inadvertently invalidating their car insurance policy.

Would you have ever imagined that something as trivial as placing a sat nav device on your windscreen could cost you your driver’s license and land you with a hefty fine?

This everyday piece of tech could land you in hot water […]

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Drivers are facing unlimited fines and driving bans – for an offence they didn’t even know they were committing!

Hundreds of drivers are facing hefty penalties for driving another person’s car when they are not properly insured to do so.

Motorists are being caught out for an offence that they didn’t even know they were committing. Driving somebody else’s car, even with their permission, could land you in serious hot water if your insurance documents […]

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What to do when your vehicle has been impounded

Under certain circumstances, outlined in Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, the police have been given authority to seize vehicles from motorists if they are breaking the law or misusing their vehicle.

There are various reasons that can warrant the police to seize a vehicle but the vast majority are seized due insurance or […]

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