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Alexander Kizir is one of the co-founders of Quote Chief. He has a background in web development and SEO and now uses these skills to bring better services to users looking for cheaper insurance.

Top Ten things you can do reduce your energy bills

It’s no secret that fuelling our homes is expensive. Energy bills are the largest outgoing outside of rent or mortgage payments for most households. Following these easy steps you could reduce your monthly utility bills and put the savings to better use.

1. Turn off your electrical appliances when you aren’t using them
Leaving appliances on when […]

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The gender gap in car insurance

In 2012 a new European directive was introduced to stop gender discrimination that prevented insurance underwriters to use gender as a factor when calculating risk profiles of drivers. Since doing so it was expected that men and women’s insurance premiums would be more or less equal. And the gap did significantly narrow soon after the […]

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Dash Camera Usage and Insurance

Using dash cam footage for evidence.

With dash cams being an ever more popular aftermarket addition amongst today’s drivers, we thought it would be good to investigate the legalities of using dash cams as evidence for both the courts and for insurance companies in the event of making a claim. There are a lot of dash […]

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