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Can you take out impounded car insurance if not the registered keeper?

impounded van insurance

If you’ve ever been pulled over by the police you’ll understand how for most people it can be a nerve racking experience. Things can quickly escalate from a routine traffic stop to a much more serious situation though if it is revealed that there’s a problem with the driver’s license, road tax or insurance.

If the police conclude that you don’t have adequate car insurance, your vehicle is not properly taxed or your driver’s license does not cover you to drive the vehicle then it’s likely that your vehicle will be seized on the spot.

Having your vehicle taken away from you at the roadside can be very stressful and upsetting, especially if you weren’t aware that you had been committing an offence. Thoughts of ‘what happens next?’ and ‘how do I get my car?’ back will be spinning around in your head.

The police officers that seize your vehicle will provide you with the necessary paperwork and will explain all of the steps that you need to take in order to retrieve it, still though things might not sink in until later in the day once you’ve had time to process the whole situation.

The first point of action that you will need to take is to attend the police station with the seizure notice provided to you so that it can be stamped. Once this has been done you’ll then have 14 days to provide certain important documents and collect your car from the compound.

To be allowed to take your car from the compound you will need to show proof that you hold a valid driver’s license, you will also be asked to produce the paper counterpart. The compound staff will also need to see a valid impounded car insurance policy, proof that the vehicle has been both taxed and has a valid MOT and the vehicle’s log book (V5 document).

Releasing an impounded car is quite a simple process but that doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter some difficulty during the process. One problem, for example, is that it could prove harder than you’d think to arrange insurance for impounded cars and vans; a lot of insurance companies don’t cover impounded vehicles.

One of the major roadblocks often faced by people trying to release a seized vehicle arises when you’re searching for impounded car insurance but are not the registered keeper on the vehicles logbook.

Of the small number of insurers that offer cover for seized vehicles, only a limited selection of those will offer impounded car insurance if you’re not the registered keeper. By requesting your impounded car insurance or impounded van insurance quotes through Quote Chief you will receive quotes from insurance brokers that can arrange this type of cover.

Another point worth noting is that most compounds also only allow the vehicle to be released by the registered keeper; under certain circumstances a nominated person could be allowed to collect the vehicle but this does have to be arranged in advance to avoid being refused access to the vehicle.

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