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Does car insurance cover against falling trees and other storm caused damage?

It seems in recent times as though a new and powerful named storm batters our country every other week. With Storm Eleanor the latest storm t rip across Great Britain, stories of trees being blown over and other debris causing damage to property were not in short supply.

Car insurance flood and storm damage

Millions of motorists across the country could be uninsured against damage caused by storms though; such as trees, branches, roof tiles or other objects landing on their car as a result of heavy winds.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), Third Party, Fire and Theft policies will not cover any damage caused by the weather. Only those motorists with a fully comprehensive policy would be able to claim for any damage caused as the result of stormy weather.

This means that there are literally millions of motorists that would have to pay out of their own pocket for any damage caused to their car by the weather. Many photographs have already been circulating in the tabloids and on social media showing branches and even whole trees that have landed on top of cars this winter, most having been completely crushed and written off.

The news is better for those of us with fully comprehensive car insurance as insurers will foot the bill for the damage caused, however you will still be left out of pocket for the sum of your insurance excess. Insurance companies also unfortunately class claims for storm damage as “at fault” claims meaning that you’ll likely see your premiums spike for several years after claiming.

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