Can you take out impounded car insurance if not the registered keeper?

If you’ve ever been pulled over by the police you’ll understand how for most people it can be a nerve racking experience. Things can quickly escalate from a routine traffic stop to a much more serious situation though if it is revealed that there’s a problem with the driver’s license, road tax or insurance.

If the […]

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What insurance do I need to deliver takeaways?

With the fast food market growing at an ever-increasing rate, there are more delivery drivers on the roads than ever before. But what kind of insurance do you need to deliver takeaways?

There’s no denying that delivering fast food can be a great way to put some extra cash in your pocket. With hours mostly available […]

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Increased speeding fines take effect TODAY

Millions of drivers are still not aware that new increased speeding fines are being introduced today. The fines, which could see a driver earning £50,000 a year hit with a fine of up to £1,000, are taking effect on Monday 24th April.

Under new rules drivers that commit the most serious speeding offences can be hit […]

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Cost of car insurance spikes in first quarter

Car insurance premiums continued to rise in the first quarter of 2017 and the average comprehensive policy now costs £781, over £110 more than it cost just one year ago.

According to the latest Car Insurance Price Index carried out by with Willis Towers Watson, a 1.8% decrease in premiums in January was more than […]

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Why you could be fined for using your phone to pay at the drive-thru

If you use the drive-thru lane at a fast food restaurant, you could be fined if you use your phone to pay for your food.

Tougher penalties were recently introduced for using your phone whilst driving and they could apply to people that use their phone to make a contactless payment at a drive-thru. Drivers that […]

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The UK’s drug driving capital has been revealed

It has been revealed that drivers in North Yorkshire are the most likely to be caught drug driving. The county has the highest conviction rate for drug driving offences making it the drug driving capital of the UK.

According to research, carried out by Keith Michaels plc, North Yorkshire had a drug driving conviction rate of […]

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Insurers must tell you the cost of last year’s policy before you renew

From 1st April insurance companies must tell you how much you paid for your car insurance last year when providing their renewal quote. They must also explain how you could save money by shopping around for your next year’s insurance policy. This won’t deter people from staying loyal to their current provider though, as 41% […]

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Speeding fines are being increased next month

If you’re caught speeding you could face a harsher punishment as of next month.

Motorists that are convicted of speeding could be fined up to £2,500 as the Government increase stricter laws in an attempt to deter motorists from breaking the speed limit.

Magistrates are currently able to apply a maximum penalty of 100% of the offender’s […]

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Is the cost of car insurance falling or rising?

Last month we reported how it seemed that drivers could expect the cost of their car insurance to fall but now the news appears to be telling a different story. There’s a lot of speculation at the moment about whether we’ll be paying more or less for car insurance; but what is actually happening right […]

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Introducing the new law about driving and using your phone

As of today you will face a £200 fine and have your license endorsed with six penalty points if caught using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Every year the police catch thousands of drivers using their mobile phone whilst driving, despite the government and local police forces persistently launching high profile campaigns aiming to deter people from doing so […]

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