Why your local takeaway delivery driver could be breaking the law

A lot of people will have considered delivering takeaways in the evenings or at weekends for a bit of extra cash; especially in the current financial climate where a few hundred extra pounds each month would go a long way. Whilst this might sound like a great idea, it’s important to make sure that you […]

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Van insurance premiums are double the cost of car insurance

The cost of van insurance has spiked so much in the last few months that van drivers are now paying roughly twice as much as a car driving motorist would.

According to research carried out by Consumer Intelligence, van insurance premiums rose to an average of £1,591 in October of last year marking an increase of […]

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Government whiplash plans could lower car insurance costs

Millions of drivers may see a drop in their insurance costs as the Government will soon implement plans to lower whiplash injury compensation payouts.

In just the past 10 years whiplash claims have risen by over 50% and are now costing the insurance industry an eye watering £1bn each year. These costs are passed on to […]

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Police sell impounded cars for over £1.6m

Quote Chief look at the vast number of cars being impounded in England and Wales – and how police forces are making millions from selling confiscated cars.

Across the UK, police forces have seized and impounded over 22,500 uninsured vehicles in the first half of 2016. The majority of seized vehicles are collected by their owner […]

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UK drivers hit with 13% rise in insurance premiums

New data suggests that the average car insurance premium has jumped by over 13% in the last year. A sharp rise in the number of costly claims and a looming tax rise are being blamed according to Consumer Intelligence.

It’s no surprise that new vehicles are often fitted with the latest hi-tech items, with many cars […]

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