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Top Ten things you can do reduce your energy bills

It’s no secret that fuelling our homes is expensive. Energy bills are the largest outgoing outside of rent or mortgage payments for most households. Following these easy steps you could reduce your monthly utility bills and put the savings to better use.

energy bills

1. Turn off your electrical appliances when you aren’t using them

Leaving appliances on when they aren’t in use, even on standby, wastes electricity. Things like television(s), set-top boxes, games consoles, phone chargers and kitchen accessories should all be completely turned off when you’re finished with them. This simple tip can save you an estimated £30 every year or even more if you have a lot of electrical gadgets in your home.

2. Switch out old style light bulbs for energy saving light bulbs

Replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient equivalents can save you around £6 per bulb per year on your energy bill. It has been estimated that over the life of an energy saving, long-lasting LED bulb, you could save £50 on energy and replacements.

energy efficient bulbs

3. Insulate your home

There’s no question that insulating your home will save you a lot of money. Depending on the construction of your home, you could save up to £245 if you invested in cavity wall insulation and up to £215 per year if you have your loft insulated. There is quite a hefty investment required for insulation, though, so you may have to wait a while to see a return.

Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for government grants to assist with the costs of insulating your home. Visit the government’s energy grants calculator to find out if you qualify.

4. Lower your thermostat by 1 degree

Turning your thermostat down by just 1 degree can cut your heating costs by up to 10% – an on average saving of around £85 every year! You are unlikely to even notice the difference in temperature.

lower your thermostat

5. Do your washing at 30 degrees

There’s no reason that your every-day washing can’t be done on a 30 degree cycle rather than 40. Most modern washing up powders perform just as well at lower temperatures and this is a great way to whittle a little more from your energy bills.

6. Replace your old boiler

This is another tip that will require quite a hefty investment but can pay off in the long run. Replacing an old inefficient boiler can save you hundreds of pounds each year on your heating bills so you could begin to see a return on your investment within just a few years.

7. Regularly bleed all of your radiators

By bleeding the air from your radiators they can work more efficiently. This means that you won’t feel the need to turn the heating up as often and therefore you will save money on your energy bill.

bleed your radiator

8. Fix any taps that are leaking

Even a small drip can waste enough water to fill a bath tub twice every month. Not only will this increase your water bill but think of all of the energy wasted heating that water literally running down the drain.

9. Insulating hot water tank

If your home has a hot water tank, you should invest in an insulation jacket. Insulation jackets cost around £15 to £20 and can save you up to £50 every year on your gas bill meaning that it could pay for itself in less than 6 months!

10. Switch to the cheapest tariff using Quote Chief!

It’s no secret that staying loyal to your provider doesn’t get you the best deal! Use Quote Chief’s utility switching service to find the cheapest tariff for you and you could save hundreds of pounds each year on your energy bills.

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