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IN10 Insurance

Insurance with an IN10 conviction

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Car insurance with an IN10 conviction

If you have been convicted of driving without valid car insurance you will have your driver’s license endorsed with an IN10 conviction. You will also receive up to 8 penalty points and have to pay a hefty fine. Once you have an IN10 conviction there is a chance that you will struggle to find affordable car insurance. Unfortunately there are also a lot of mainstream insurance companies that will simply refuse to offer IN10 insurance.

Many people that receive an IN10 conviction find themselves in trouble because of a simple mistake or a misunderstanding. It’s not uncommon for drivers to forget to make a payment to their insurer or to be confused about what their policy actually covers and fall foul of the law as a consequence. If you’ve accidentally provided incorrect information or forgotten to declare something like a previous conviction or vehicle modification to your insurer, you could end up with a conviction for driving without valid insurance. It only takes a routine traffic stop by the police for these details to emerge and what began as a simple mistake can have a huge impact on your life.

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Does an IN10 increase your insurance premium?

Although there are drivers that purposely drive illegally to avoid paying for car insurance, most people convicted of driving without insurance are law abiding and safe drivers. The problem is that insurance companies rarely get to hear mitigating evidence as to why you’ve received an IN10, they just see that you have a serious conviction on your record. Having an IN10 conviction doesn’t automatically mean that you’re a seasoned criminal but it will increase your premium.

Here at Quote Chief we believe that people deserve a second chance and your past mistakes shouldn’t be used as a reason for insurance firms to rip you off. If you’re looking for insurance with an IN10 conviction, let our network of specialist market insurance brokers find an affordable policy for you.

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