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Impounded car insurance

Insurance policies to release seized cars

Specialised policies that provide the compound with proof of insurance

Cover can start the same day with documents emailed to you

Cover for 12 months or 30 days

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What is seized car insurance?

In the United Kingdom, the authorities confiscate and impound over 200,000 vehicles annually. It is crucial to find the appropriate insurance policy when attempting to retrieve your car to avoid being refused.

Should your vehicle be impounded by the police, you may encounter difficulties in securing affordable car insurance that will enable its release. Whether your car has been impounded due to lacking valid car insurance, the driver lacking the correct licence, or any other reason, locating a mainstream provider for impounded car insurance can prove exceedingly challenging. Insurance for impounded cars is not readily accessible through conventional insurance providers, and vehicle owners frequently struggle to obtain coverage, particularly within the limited timeframe allotted for releasing their car.

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