Drink driver insurance

Convicted Drink Driver Insurance

If you’ve been convicted of drink driving, care insurance can be very hard to find. Drink driving is arguably the possibly the most serious motoring offence that can be committed. Because of the serious nature of the crime, some insurance companies will try to charge extortionate premiums and a lot will simply refuse to insure drink drivers. You could spend hours searching for an affordable convicted drink driver insurance policy only to be faced with refusal after refusal from mainstream insurance providers.

Although we don’t condone driving after drinking alcohol, we do believe that everyone makes mistakes at some point in their lives. Convicted drink drivers are no different, so why should they be unfairly treated by insurance companies because of a DR10, DR20 or DR30 conviction? Insurance underwrites argue that somebody with a drink driving conviction is a high risk driver and much more likely to be involved in an accident or claim against their policy.

Insurance For Convicted Drink Drivers

Contrary to this belief we think that rehabilitated convicted drivers are some of the safest drivers on our roads, as the majority of them have learned from mistakes and poor judgement calls that they have made in their past. Research shows that a higher percentage of convicted drink drivers only offend once, with only 12% of drink drivers re-offending within 10 years of their original conviction.

If you’ve been convicted of a drink driving offence the financial burden and stress on you and your family can be enormous, after being punished by law it is unfair to be punished financially by insurance companies as well. Specialist insurers understand this and don’t charge extortionate premiums for their policies and take other factors into consideration to determine the risks involved with offering you a policy.

Here at Quote Chief we make the search for drink driver insurance a straightforward, easy process. We have carefully selected a select panel of specialist insurers to work with so that you can be sure to get realistic, competitive quotes.