Courier and Delivery Driver Insurance

If you make your living as a courier or delivery driver it pays to have a reliable, comprehensive delivery driver insurance policy in place. As a professional driver, you simply can’t afford for your vehicle to be off the road.

At Quote Chief we believe that courier insurance doesn’t need to cost the earth and we have taken the time to find brokers for our network that can provide you with cheap courier driver insurance.

We are here to take the hassle out of finding cheaper cover. With mainstream insurance providers you could find that comprehensive insurance for delivery drivers is quite costly and besides, your time could be better spent earning money out on the road instead of contacting dozens of companies for a quote.

Delivery Driver Insurance

The main reason that couriers’ insurance policies tend to be more expensive is that insurance firms see delivery drivers as high risk road users. This is simply down to the amount of time you spend behind the wheel, often working under pressure and against the clock. We work with insurance providers that deal specifically with “high risk” types of cover meaning they better understand the market and can offer lower prices.

To help you get the best deal on your delivery driver insurance, Quote Chief have partnered with some of the country’s leading courier insurance brokers. It only takes a few minutes to complete our courier insurance quote form and get quotes from our panel of providers.