Compare Learner Driver Insurance Quotes

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With the freedom and opportunities that having your own transport brings, learning to drive is an exciting time in your life. Unfortunately learning to drive can also be very expensive and the associated costs are often the main reason that people delay getting their license.

With driving lessons costing upwards of £20 per hour, it’s common for learner drivers to also practise under the guidance of a friend or family member in their car. Spending time gaining experience in this way can be a great supplement to your driving lessons and could even reduce the number of professional lessons that you need.

When you’re learning to drive with an instructor the cost of car insurance will be included in the price of your lessons. If you do go out driving with a friend or family member it’s important to make sure that you have the correct type of learner driver insurance in place.

Insurance For Learner Drivers

In most cases learner drivers are added to a parent’s insurance policy as a named driver so that they’re covered to get behind the wheel, but there are other options that may be more suitable.

If you’re added as a named driver to somebody’s policy it may come as a shock just how much the premium increases. It’s also quite risky to add an inexperienced driver to your car insurance policy as if they’re involved in an accident whilst driving, the policyholder may lose their no claims bonus. Finally, most policies are unlikely to allow a learner driver to earn their own no claims bonus if they’re just a named driver.

Car Insurance With A Provisional License

Some insurance providers are now offering policies that give comprehensive cover for learner drivers to use somebody else’s vehicle. The great thing about this type of insurance policy is that the owner of the car isn’t risking their no claims bonus.

As a learner driver with this type of insurance you may also be able to accumulate your own no claims bonus for when you’ve passed your test and take out cover.